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【Color Divination】Look at the relationship between your potential and money now?

Multiple selections possible, up to two. Feel the images that deeply attract you, choose them and look down!

A. Piao Ren-To be honest, you don’t care about money at all.

Your heart is full of love and service, and you can bring spiritual awareness to the world. Talking about making money with you is too worldly. To be honest, you don't care about money at all. If you really want to make money, please make a bigger wish. If you can use the money to help more lives, you will be willing to start implementing those good ideas that have been buried in your heart for a long time.


B.Push people - love setting goals

You love setting goals, achieving them, and pushing yourself forward. Please be aware that this is a goal set to prove that you are great and can do it? After working so hard to make progress, do you feel comfortable in your heart? If you are uncomfortable, even if you make a lot of money, you will not be able to keep much in order to balance the negative energy in your heart. If the goal comes from something true in your heart and feels right, remember to take a good rest after reaching it.


C. Top seller - sincerity is powerful

You are good at building relationships with people and profiting from helping each other. Sincerity is powerful, explore what you truly love, promote and carry forward this thing, work, play and make money with the partners you like, this is your calling in this life.

D. Stand tall and upright - support livelihood with the power of love

Your motivation to make money comes from responsibility, supporting the livelihood of a family or company. The state of survival makes you willing to tolerate things you don't love. Please be careful that overpaying may cause physical health problems. The power of love is indeed great, but if you can do something you really like and make money at the same time, you will find that you have greater power and more inner peace.


E. Gray man-don’t care about anything

You don't care about anything at this moment, and you even feel world-weary. Please be aware that your current lifestyle and work are making you unhappy, constrained and without freedom. Ask yourself, is now a good time to make a change? Want to change?

F. Flower Waterer-Make yourself happy first

When you are true to yourself and your inner emotions flow freely, you will have room in your heart to support you in nourishing others in any form. Your motivation for making money is to first make yourself live a true and happy life. The energy of happiness will attract people who truly appreciate you. Coming to you, attracting them to invest resources in you, and the continuous positive cycle is your victory.


G. The man caught in the rain - everything is like this

Everything is like this, you don't care so much about the coming and going of money, you feel that everything you get is given by God, trust that God will take care of everyone's needs, and live in the present. At the other extreme, trust is a challenge. You may lose trust in God, and you are afraid that you will have nothing and no one to save you in the next moment. Try to transcend the level of your head and live with your body, and your body will bring you unexpected surprises.


H. Surfer + Swimmer (Pink Wave) - Enjoy high waves, but don’t be discouraged by low waves.

Compared with others, you feel that there is a lot of love and tolerance around you, and you have enough sense of security, so you are used to spending money in large amounts. In short, you are not saving money, and your account may be reduced to zero. Already used to it. The habit of using money may be a bit speculative and gambling. Don’t be discouraged when you are at the bottom. Money will only start to accumulate after it returns to zero and becomes negative. I will not tell you to learn to save money. Anyway, it has happened so many times. You haven’t changed the lesson, so just accept this as normal.


J. Seeker-walking a unique path

You are a seeker of truth. You have to walk a path that no one has ever walked before. Regarding making money, no one can give you guidance and advice. Other people’s ways of making money will not apply to you. Please follow your sincerity and go to the right place and meet the right people. , do the right things together, if you want to make money and show your uniqueness, it is very important to come from sincerity.


K. Cloud One-Creativity

For you, money is one of the ways of expressing energy. How you use energy to create and manifest things, and become yourself in the process of creation and expression, and then the return of money is just an incidental reward. You have the ability to create art and communicate with the public. If you try to develop this ability, you may have surprising gains.


L.Conceptual person-conceptual transformation talents

Your specialty is to transform complex content into various concepts, piece it together, integrate it, and mutate it into a new look. Then implementing concepts and communicating with others is very important to you. Only after implementation can you have the opportunity. Convert into money. Please return to your inner reality, start with small things that are simple and practical, and slowly expand your courage and influence step by step.


M. Black man and yellow man - Yu Yu's satisfaction

Your motivation to make money comes from the fear of scarcity and insufficiency. This fear is very powerful and can drive you to constantly learn new knowledge, obtain business intelligence, be profit-oriented, and become an authority in a certain field. Those who choose this may be the real ones. You may be poor or very wealthy, but fear prevents you from experiencing the satisfaction of abundance. On the contrary, if you are very conscious and overcome this fear of scarcity, you will have deep inner joy, which will bring you true happiness. of happiness and freedom.


►Pictures/Text by Xiao Yushu
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