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【Color Divination】Look at your current status~

Take a deep breath, feel the one you are attracted to, and look down.

#A: You and I are willing to jump into the trap voluntarily, not because I love you.

Didn’t you know you were the one who designed the trap? Or the one who fell in love voluntarily? The game of love must be voluntary between you and me. Are you playing the role of hunter or prey at this moment? The person you are attracted to is very different from you. Try to enjoy the ambiguity and the process of exchanging life stories with each other. It doesn't matter whether you end up staying together for a lifetime. In the process of exchanging stories, both people grow from it.


#B: Angrily asking God when will my lover come?

In order to find your soul mate, you work hard to make yourself better. You exercise your mind and body regularly. But the person who is most suitable for you is just a mile away from you. Please continue to stay in good condition and make wishes to God, and God will send the most suitable person to you ~

#C: No matter what, I am beautiful today.

Whether you are single or coupled, you are very open to making new friends today. Dress a little more carefully than usual (smooth and flowing hair). Your charm lies in: connecting with others with sincerity from the heart. It doesn't matter whether you have a lover or not. You have good friends to accompany you happily every day.


#D: I define Valentine’s Day myself

Who would ever go to that tacky Valentine's Day? I define Valentine's Day myself. As long as I am happy, every day can be Valentine's Day. I am the best at enjoying myself. True love comes from true acceptance of oneself. People who love me must completely respect my real needs. At this moment, I want to read a book quietly (alone) and don't bother me.


#E: I am the existence of love

The real true love in this world is yourself. Only by loving yourself can you truly experience love without asking for anything. You have transcended the world, let yourself become a power plant of love, and bring peace and love to the world. It's nice to have you in the world, really.


#F: Deeply affectionate and ready to have a baby

For those of you who are with me, I hope you can experience deep love and happiness on Valentine’s Day. Congratulations. If you are single, your body is full of motivation and your sexual energy is high at the moment. Do some exercise before going to bed to vent your energy and you will sleep better~


#G: Valentine’s Day? None of my business.

Valentine's Day? None of my business. You are now preparing to enter a period of mutation, where you don't care much about the things around you, and all festivals are just passers-by. It is unknown what the mutation will become. Please welcome your new self. Once the mutation is completed, you can experience the surprise that your body brings to you. Please look forward to it ~


#H: This is all a commercial operation and has been seen through.

Being calm and smart, you have already figured out that Valentine's Day and White Day are commercial operations. I don’t want to be brainwashed and controlled, just live as usual and spend Valentine’s Day peacefully and peacefully. (Claps hands) Friends who have a partner, I hope your partner chooses the same thing as you~

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