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【Color Divination】Look at your recent status?

Take a deep breath, feel the one you are attracted to, and look down.

#A Zi Wai Wai Wai: There are many unique characteristics in my heart

Zi Wai Wai is in a good mood recently, perhaps because the damage he suffered a while ago has been repaired, and now he is willing to maintain his love and serve everyone, bringing the love and beauty in his heart to everyone. Zi Wai Wai Wai, you have many strange ideas in your mind, but there is a fine line between genius and lunatic. If others don’t invite you to give advice, it’s better to hold back and speak out at the best time so that you will be heard. Power There are more than ten times. Before the invitation comes, would you like to work hard to keep your little luck?


#B Xiaoju Wangwang: Go out with friends to play together

Xiaoju Wangwang has been in a stable state recently and has enough courage and strength to explore the unknown. As always, she has good popularity and likes to meet new friends. Little Orange Wangwang, you are full of energy, so if you use up your energy throughout the day, you can sleep well at night! Have you ever wanted to meet up with friends to exercise, take a walk and chat?


#C Peace Rabbit: Creation is the only way to go

Peace Rabbit has been feeling a lot internally recently. When encountering conflicts, he cannot express them clearly, which makes him want to hide himself. Peace Rabbit, you are empathetic and peace-loving. You can draw and write freely the inner feelings that cannot be explained clearly, which can sort out the chaotic feelings and thoughts in your heart. This way, the stuck feelings can be relieved a lot! Would you like to give it a try?


#D Small Bottle: A Stressful Transformation Process

Little Bottle has been under a lot of stress recently, or may be feeling uncomfortable physically. You are facing an important transition process. Please take good care of yourself. Please try any method that can make you comfortable, or find someone to complain to. I hope you can survive this sudden change safely.


#E Little Devil: Homework is abundance or lack

The little devil has been in a good mood recently, very much living in the present, and able to quickly and cleverly find solutions to problems. The lesson the little devil faces is abundance or lack. The key to feeling abundance is whether the emotional energy flows smoothly. When you make choices, please be sure to conform to your inner reality, so that you can have an experience of life full of abundance!


#FTransparent Dragon: Landmine Stepping Game

Transparent Dragon has been in two extremes recently. He is in a good mood at one time, and very depressed at another. His strong emotions affect his views and thinking on things, and sometimes he doesn't understand what is wrong with him. Transparent Dragon, when you feel your emotions have calmed down, you can look back and examine what's wrong with you. There are landmines buried in your heart. When someone accidentally steps on them in life, you will explode. If you are willing, you can self-awareness by creating, flipping cards, and writing diaries when you are alone.


#GTriangular Crisps: Learn something new

Triangular Crisps has recently been good at deep thinking or learning new knowledge, and exploring the operating modes of things that interest you. When you clarify and discover the secrets, it can bring benefits to your life. Not to mention exploring ways to make money, if you are interested in exploring inner fears and have the courage to face them, this wisdom will definitely bring you a sense of freedom in the future.


#H Pink Rain: Nourish or be nourished

Pink rain represents unconditional love and endless nourishment. Are you in a state of wanting to be nourished? Or is it in a state of being able to nourish others? The key to both of these things is "love yourself". If you do "love yourself" well, you will have the source of love. Only when you have the source of love, you don’t need to get the feeling of love from anyone or anything.


#I小草: Self-Growth

Xiaocao is doing difficult things recently and is facing self-growth. The process of growth is full of tension and will not be too comfortable. I think everything is difficult at the beginning. When you do it step by step and execute it slowly, you will feel the resistance lessening, that is Proof of your growth. As long as it is a choice that is in line with your inner reality, the moment you gain wisdom will be as sweet as honey, come on! We are rooting for you!


►Pictures/Text by Xiao Yushu
►Like and welcome to share, please do not reprint without permission.

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