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[Color Divination] Let’s see the degree and source of your recent world-weariness?

Take a deep breath, feel the one you are attracted to, and look down.

#A The golden cicada escapes from the shell - world-weariness level 70%

Congratulations, you have completely transformed and are about to usher in a new you. From 1000% of the world-weariness before to 70% of the current level, life is full of hope like never before. You will be able to escape after a few more steps. Thank you for your hard work! ! !


#B Human-Faced Dog-98% world-weariness

The degree of misanthropy is 98%. There must be a "boss" in your current life who gives you resources but is difficult to maintain. In order to survive, you have to live according to other people's faces. Although it is very uncomfortable, I will endure it in order to survive! Heaven is about to entrust this person with a great responsibility, but he must first harden his resolve...

#C Lying Cat - world-weariness 60%

The level of misanthropy is 60%. You know very well how everything in front of you works and why it doesn't work. But it is really difficult to talk about change and it cannot be done in a short time. You have to pretend to be dead and wait for the opportunity.


#D Standing Lion - world-weariness level 1%

My world-weariness level is 1%. Congratulations. I didn’t expect my world-weariness level to be so low! ! You are quite healthy, have everything in your life under control, can look at the ups and downs of life with a normal mind, and are highly accepting of unknown possibilities in life.


#E White-faced Man-30% world-weariness

The world-weariness level is 30%. You like to observe, travel through the world like a ghost, and see all kinds of life without participating in it. The only world-weary part is that you are too sensitive to energy feelings. Some negative energy is enough to make you repair for several days.


#F Qinggao Cat-20% world-weariness

The level of world-weariness is 20%. A noble cat who is clean and white all over the body. He doesn't care about everything around him. He just wants to bring the beauty he believes to the world. Sometimes he feels lonely because of you. The only place that is world-weary.


#G snail-world-weariness 87%

The world-weariness level is 87%. Everything around you is changing rapidly in your eyes, but your affairs can only be carried out slowly. You want to go faster but can't do anything. Train your mind to take things slowly or look for free rides. Opportunity, otherwise the world-weariness level will remain at 87 points and cannot be higher.


#H Sun-world-weariness 200%

The world-weariness level is 200%. There is an indescribable sense of chaos inside. The negative energy accumulated from the past to the present is intertwined and pressing on you. You may not have slept well for a long time. The negative energy is overwhelming. Use your own skill "Intense Negative Energy Wave" If you get close to the white-faced man, you can kill him and get one point. (Just kidding) Please take good care of yourself, and doing what you really like is the most important thing for you at the moment.

►Pictures/Text by Xiao Yushu
►If you like it, you are welcome to share it. Please do not reprint it without permission.

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