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【Color Divination】Which color hot spring does your body want to soak in?

Multiple selections possible, up to 2. Feel the role that deeply attracts you, choose it and read on!

A.Red Hot Spring

If you choose the red hot spring, it’s good that you feel full of energy and vitality now. If you feel a little too energetic, or at the other extreme, too tired, your body needs to eat and sleep well immediately to relieve the inner tension and pressure. When faced with an overworked environment, it’s important to say no.


B. Orange Hot Spring

If you choose Orange Hot Spring, your role in the group is a pistachio. You are now practicing how to strike a balance between independence and dependence. You can be happy in the reunion and feel comfortable alone. The secret to feeling deep joy is to be creative.


C.Yellow Hot Spring

If you choose Huangquan Hot Spring, you want to learn more new knowledge recently and walk between clarity and chaos. In times of chaos, your mind will want to control your life because of fear, but doing so will only make it more chaotic. Please try to be with the chaotic. Feel the presence and tell yourself that the darkness now is the nourishment before hope comes. After a while, when clarity comes, you will understand why all of this is arranged in this way.

D. Olive Hot Spring

If you choose Olive Hot Spring, you have "female leadership", focus on common good, like harmony, and prefer win-win and reciprocal relationships instead of competition. How to respect and cooperate with each other on the premise that everyone develops their uniqueness is actually your strength. On another level, you are in the process of growing and transforming from a painful environment to another position.


E. Green Hot Spring

If you choose Green Hot Spring, living authentically is your inner desire. Living authentically will make you feel relaxed and naturally live in the right direction. On the other extreme, hiding the truth will make you feel that the space in your heart is compressed, no matter where you are. I feel unfree everywhere. If you still can't say what you really mean, please do something you really like to balance your negative energy.


F.Pink Hot Spring

If you choose a pink hot spring, you are willing to give love to others, and you also need unconditional love and gentle energy to nourish yourself. Practice reaching a balance in giving and receiving love, and pay attention to whether you are ranked last. Habit, only by loving yourself first can you give true love.


G.Light Blue Hot Spring

If you choose the light blue hot spring, you now have abundant creativity and a lot of emotions inside that you want to express. Please do something you really like or create art so that those feelings that cannot be clearly expressed in words can be seen. Please don’t Holding it back is harmful to your health.


H. Purple Hot Spring

Spiritual Knowledge Surrender The Best Intentions Love from God

If you choose Purple Hot Spring, you are willing to help others and dedicate your talents to the world. You may have been attracted to spiritual knowledge recently and practice implementing spiritual knowledge into real life. If you are physically and mentally exhausted after working hard to serve others, you must give yourself time and space to rest.


I.Deep Blue Hot Spring

If you choose the deep blue hot spring, you will have excellent insight and deep tranquility with you. Those parts of feelings that cannot be proven, explained, or put into words are the most accurate. Practice trusting the unknown in life, and everything will be arranged for the best.


J. Anti-Bone Rabbit/Do not soak in hot springs

Three possibilities: 1. You feel pain or sadness now, and your inner energy needs to be purified. Sometimes a good cry can help you vent your inner uneasiness and fear. 2. You like to be a bystander first and see what others will do after they fall into the trap. 3. Your current state is not suitable for making choices. You are welcome to come back and take a look in a few days when you feel more right!


►Pictures/Text by Xiao Yushu
►Like and welcome to share, please do not reprint without permission.

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