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【Color Divination】What do you think is love? Hard to please? How to get your heart?

Take a deep breath, feel the one you are attracted to, and look down.

#A Work hard to make progress

You love learning, experiencing the process from chaos to clarity while absorbing huge amounts of new knowledge, and experiencing the sense of evolution of self-renewal.

How to Get Your Heart: People without depth can't interest you. If your life partner is willing to learn, discuss, and make progress with you, you will be happiest and feel that their future is full of hope and security.

Hard to please index 40%


#BSearch for ultimate meaning

You often ask yourself: "What is the value and significance of my existence in the world?" In this regard, you feel a deep sense of loneliness. The search for meaning is a unique path, and no one can give you the answer.

How to win your heart: Your life partner should accept your occasional Lu Xiaoxiao (falling into depression) and be able to sympathize with your state. When you are depressed and entangled, instead of trying to stop you, but saying to you: "Although it is difficult, I believe you can find it." This can give you great inner comfort.

Hard to please index 80%


#C Propose improvement plan

You are a very pragmatic person who hates empty talk and the attitude of talking without practicing. When you take time to stop and think, you are trying to find out the key to the most efficient way of doing things. When you start to act, you will hit the target with perfect accuracy.

How to win your heart: If your life partner can appreciate your pragmatism and immediately reward you for being smart when you make suggestions for improvement for the first time, you will be quite happy. (However, you still need to take care of the emotions of your life partner, otherwise it will be easy for the other person to feel indifferent!)

Hard to please index 10%


#DLove yourself

You have a lot of love, but it’s hard to love yourself. For you to experience the moment of loving yourself is like a novice golfer, making a hole is very rare. The good news is that it will get better with more practice. Please practice loving all your choices without looking back. Over time, you will be able to experience how beautiful and lovely you are all the time.

How to win your heart: If your life partner can fully love the real and unique you, and firmly support you when you are in a dilemma (head and heart), and ask you to return to your inner heart to make true choices, allowing you to have space. be yourself. You will have a deep understanding of love and have more love in your heart to give to the other person.

Difficulty to please index 60%


#EHigh pressure and busy people

You are the bridge and are very good at mediating or handling energy transitions. The world needs this talent very much, so you are usually very busy, either in meeting A or on the way to B, with many trivial things to deal with one by one.

How to win your heart: First understand that humans are inherently a species full of contradictions, and you are the best among them. If your life partner can sympathize with your inner high pressure, you may be so tired that you don’t want to talk after a lot of coordinated work. He may give you some alone space, quiet companionship, or say to him, “Thank you for your hard work, you did a great job. ” This can relieve some of his inner pressure.

Hard to please index 50%


#FReal presence

You have a naive vision, unconditional love, and are very tolerant. You believe that everything in the universe is closely related and connected to each other. Everything about the mind, any thought that arises from the mind, will directly have an impact on the external world, so you should always cultivate your mind seriously and maintain an equanimity.

How to win your heart: There is no trick here, because it is difficult for you to have a huge difference in your love for others. In your eyes, everything is worthy of being loved and appreciated. You just want there to be no deception or falsehood in the relationship, and treat each other with love. Getting along with real energy and state can satisfy your need for love.

Hard to please index 20%


#G Creator

You have keen sensibility and can feel the experience and inspiration given to you by the external environment. Combined with many strange ideas inside, you can use symbolic techniques to express the reality you feel through creation. Generally speaking, you love Speech.

How to win your heart: If your life partner can be open to your weird and crazy ideas, listen carefully, and even walk with you in the amusement park of "possibilities", you will learn from them while sharing their opinions with each other. Have great fun. Remember, you must never tell him that your idea is useless or unexecutable. This will kill the vitality full of creative energy.

Hard to please index 30%


#H faithful companionship

You have a talent for creating happy and relaxing atmospheres, you have a great sense of humor, and you are comfortable and active socially if you choose. If there is a party, everyone will want to drag you out to play, and you enjoy having fun meeting new friends and exchanging life stories with each other. Don't look at you for being so friendly, as if everyone is OK, but becoming a good friend with you is conditional, and it takes time to build trust. You are loyal to people and will feel hurt if you find out you have been cheated on.

How to get your heart: Key one, feed you your favorite food. The second key is if your life partner can notice your careful efforts in life and express love and gratitude for it. You will be willing to work harder because you feel full of love in the process of giving.

Hard to please index 1%


#I Secrets and Romance

There are some unspeakable secrets within you, or memories of separation that affect you. The box contains some of your broken hearts. Maybe one day, you will find the blessing and wisdom that this story finally brings to you, and you can take back the pieces of your heart.

How to get your heart: You are the extreme telepathic type. If you can guess your heart without saying anything. For example: a life partner who is lucky enough to "say what you want to hear most" or "discovers the most unique thing about you, and you also agree with it"... The guess is The One! soulmate! The minds are connected, and everything is GG if you can't guess it right. In short, I have to keep you in my heart.

Hard to please index 99%



Your energy is weak and you would like to live in seclusion and live a leisurely life without being disturbed. Also because of physical fatigue, you have no more energy to pay attention to the details in life, and everything you see and think tends to be symbolic. Perhaps at this moment, you will be deeply interested in studying spirituality, philosophy, and theology.

How to win your heart: Your life partner will say these three words to you, "I support you." It allows you not to worry about making money and gives you enough space to be alone. You now want to discuss important things in life, such as "the meaning of existence" and existentialism, which says that life must face issues such as "death, loneliness, freedom, and meaninglessness." If I can accompany you to discuss these philosophical themes, it can help you find short-term freedom from the profound and helpless constraints of life.

Hard to please index 70%


►Pictures/Text by Xiao Yushu

►Like and welcome to share, please do not reprint without permission.

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