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[Color Divination] How are you doing lately? How to overcome stuck energy within?

Please choose one. If you choose two, I can't stop you.
Feel the role that deeply attracts you, choose it and read on!

A.Purple sweet potato Abei
Zishu Abei is usually very warm-hearted. If you need help with anything, just ask him for help. He loves the world. Abei is very wise and has his own set of SOP crisis handling and judgment standards. He is very trustworthy. Abei is very far-sighted, so when someone asks him for advice but doesn't do it, he will accidentally say "I told you~". Ah Bei! If you roll your eyes, just hide it in your heart and don't really reveal it!

B.Truth Lion
Truth-telling lions can only live their own lives + they can only tell the truth, and everything must come from the sincerity. Sometimes they don’t know what they are saying, and the truth comes out on their own, and they can’t control their own mouths, so they He was holding it in very hard and looked aggrieved. Don't ask other people questions if they are not mentally ready. Sometimes the truth can heal, but sometimes it can hurt. Truth Lion, because you only speak the truth and are not afraid of power, you are worthy of our trust.

C.Pink kid/love
The pink kid is very good at making fun on his own. He can be extremely happy in his own world. He is empathetic, sensitive, and fragile. He is in a good mood and can see the beauty in everything. But when he is in a bad mood, he probably just wants to. World-destroying pain. Pink kid, there are many people around you who love you just because you are you. There is no need to prove how perfect you are. Don’t live in regrets, live in the moment~

D. Little fox
The little fox is actually a coward, but after years of training to overcome fear, he has a cheerful and independent personality, strong intuition, and is very good at taking care of himself. He is very sensitive to crises, and his body can automatically avoid danger. Little fox! Although you don't care about our life or death, your survival wisdom is great. If we are in danger, as long as we follow you, we will never die.

E. Floating people
Floating people, you fly the highest and see the clearest. You are very clear about what you really want: freedom. When you are free, you will not stop for anyone. Like the wind, you can come and go freely. If you want to control you, it will only make you escape more. Far away, only trust can make you willing to stop. Piao Ren, we all love your broad perspective on the world. Remember to come back and give a speech. Through your eyes, we can see more of the colorful world.

F. Sunman
Sun people always exude hope and give the deepest warmth and support to those around them. They have a humorous and intelligent personality. It is because people who have walked through countless dark nights know how to shine (find the value of their own existence). Sun people, when you feel confused and uneasy, it's because you can't trust yourself. As long as you put down the random speculations in your head and feel the true feelings of your body, you can gradually regain peace.

G. Onion head
Onions are full of enthusiasm, motivation, and execution ability for what they want to do. As long as they start doing it, they will concentrate on it and do it vigorously. No matter what the meaning of the thing is, they can reach a state that ordinary people cannot follow, and they are full of charm. , very charming. Onions! I know you are very capable of execution, and occasionally you should listen to Zishu Abei's advice, so that you can get twice the result with half the effort!

H. Xiaocao
If you choose Xiaocao, just be yourself silently. I like the work of behind-the-scenes workers. I am passionate about helping others succeed. Success does not have to be in my heart.

►Pictures/Text by Xiao Yushu

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